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At Aronia Delights, we are passionate about bringing the goodness of aronia berries to your doorstep, making healthy and delicious food options easily accessible. Our mission is to inspire and educate individuals about the countless health benefits of aronia berries, while enriching their lives by offering delightful and innovative aronia-based products.


Founded in About Us, Aronia Delights arose from the vision of Jamie Young, a health and wellness enthusiast determined to share the remarkable properties of aronia berries with the world. Recognizing the often overlooked potential of these superberries, Jamie embarked on a journey to create a business that would make a positive impact on people’s lifestyles.

Jamie Young

Jamie Young, the founder of Aronia Delights, possesses a profound understanding of nutrition and its significant impact on our overall well-being. Fueled by a passion for incorporating wholesome foods into our diets, Jamie has dedicated years of research and experimentation to bring the best of aronia berries to consumers. With a firm belief in the extraordinary power of nature’s gifts, Jamie aims to empower individuals to take charge of their health and explore the versatile possibilities of aronia berries.

Creation of the Website

Armed with vast knowledge and a driving ambition, the launch of the Aronia Delights website was a natural progression for Jamie and the team. Recognizing the need for a reliable and authoritative source of information on all things aronia, we set out to create an online platform that would serve as a central hub for educating, inspiring, and satisfying our audience.


Our objective is simple yet ambitious: to imbue a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity within the hearts of our readers, compelling them to discover the untapped potential of aronia berries. Through our informative articles, delicious recipes, and meticulously crafted products, we strive to be the go-to resource for aronia-related inquiries, aiding individuals on their journey to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Target Audience

The Aronia Delights website is designed to cater to individuals who are eager to incorporate antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense foods into their diets. We passionately serve health enthusiasts, nutritional researchers, dieticians, culinary enthusiasts, and aronia enthusiasts alike, who seek reliable information and seek to indulge in delightful aronia-based creations.

Our Unique Value

One of the pillars of Aronia Delights is our dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members behind the website. Meticulous research and an unyielding commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of content is well-researched, informative, and offers genuine value to our audience.

With every recipe, article, and product showcased on our website, we not only strive for quality but also for innovation. By introducing novel ways to incorporate aronia berries into everyday life, we hope to spark creativity and awaken a newfound appreciation for this marvelous source of nutrition.

At Aronia Delights, we invite you to join us on this journey of empowerment and embark on a healthier, positively transformative lifestyle, nourished by the wonders of aronia berries. Together, let’s embrace the delightful world of aronia!

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